Sense, Predict, Act

About us

Planetary Skin Institute (PSI) is a global non-profit research and development organization that aims to improve the lives of millions around the world by developing risk and resource management decision services that address the growing challenges of resource scarcity, the land-water-energy-food-climate nexus and the increasing impact and frequency of weather extremes.

PSI collaborates with regional and international research and development partners across multiple sectors to identify, conceptualize, and incubate replicable and scalable innovations that could significantly increase the resilience of low income communities, increase food, water, and energy security and protect key ecosystems and biodiversity globally.

PSI aims to support the efforts of multiple stakeholders as they address these challenges. We achieve this support by creating open platform capabilities and tools that meaningfully advance the world’s resource and risk management capabilities. PSI is committed to the development of global public goods that address the massive resource scarcity challenge, unpack the complexity of the land-water-food-energy-climate nexus and address the increasing impact of weather extremes.