Sense, Predict, Act


Having worked since 2007 on a number of proof-of-concept projects, Cisco and NASA formally agreed an R&D partnership in 2009 to co-develop the Planetary Skin platform. That early work, focusing on tropical forestry, led to the insight that the collaborative and open approach they were developing was applicable to a wide range of challenges. These extended beyond technical and scientific issues to address institutional and cultural barriers to understanding and solving large, complex problems.

Driven by these insights, that partnership became the independent, non-profit research and development organization PSI is today with the express aim of removing any and all barriers to collaboration and sharing between a wide range of global networks including many different public, private and academic organizations. Accordingly, PSI now works with many different regional and international R&D partners. We help to foster cooperation, enable innovation and bring together many different stakeholders to identify, define and develop solutions and support decision-making and risk management to address the myriad, inter-related challenges impacting global resources and ecosystems.