Sense, Predict, Act

Notable Coverage

The Economist features PSI’s ALERTS platform in a report on monitoring forests
The Economist
Dec 16 2010

The Economist’s report on technology developments for monitoring forests describes how the use of the PSI ALERTS online platform is helping the Peruvian Environment Ministry to track changes of its forests with the aim of significantly reducing deforestation and conserving critical and diverse ecosystems.

Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) partners with Planetary Skin Institute
Brazil Federal Government website
Dec 2 2010

In partnership with the Planetary Skin Institute, INPE is planning to extend its annual emissions model arising from changes in land use and vegetation cover to the entire Amazon region, and transfer it to neighboring countries. The system and model would be eventually extended to tropical regions of Africa.

Planetary Skin chosen as one of TIME Magazine's '50 Best Inventions of 2009'
TIME Magazine
Nov 12 2009

Planetary Skin was placed 17th on Time Magazine’s annual list of 50 best inventions. The editorial cited PSI’s unique ability to bring together disparate sources of data in order to build a comprehensive and integrated view of multiple, isolated changes to the planet’s diverse ecosystems and use of resources.

"Planetary Skin" Tool Aims to Improve Response to Climate Change
U.S. Federal Government website
Mar 19 2009

NASA, Cisco collaborate to integrate climate data, Web technology. The Planetary Skin platform will capture, collect, analyze and report data on environmental conditions around the world.

NY TIMES covers launch of NASA-Cisco climate project to flash 'Planetary Skin'
NY Times
Mar 3 2009

The New York Times marked the launch of Planetary Skin with a piece describing the broad aims of the initial NASA - Cisco project, writing “Climate science isn't exactly sexy, but the name of the U.S. space agency's latest project has some sizzle.”