Sense, Predict, Act

Our Approach

PSI’s operating model has four key dimensions underpinning its approach to generating and testing ideas and concepts that address mission-critical information gaps, moving them swiftly into prototyping and then identifying the partnerships, the scaling models and resources required for mass impact:

Harnessing open innovation methods

We create trust through open collaboration with multiple decision-makers across sectors and disciplines and with global and regional scientific and technology leaders, using open innovation approaches.

Building knowledge-action networks

We build regional networks of stakeholders, experts and decision-makers to identify the decisions that matter and uncover the information needs to better decision-making.

Rapidly advancing from concepts to replication

We advance innovation and push the boundaries of the possible through rapid prototyping and iteration with a path to scaling.

Finding pathways to scale

We pave the way for large-scale public and private investments by identifying potential paths to achieving scale and assembling potential partners to help reach that goal.