Sense, Predict, Act

Dr. Ana Paula Aguiar

INPE (Brazilian Institute of Space Research)

Dr Ana Paula Aguiar is the lead researcher on Amazonia land-use change modeling at INPE (Brazilian Institute of Space Research), São José dos Campos, Sao Paulo. Her current research focuses on three main areas: (a) modeling and scenario approaches to represent the co-evolution of institutional arrangements and land use trajectories in the Brazilian Amazonia at multiple scales; (b) participatory scenario methodologies aiming at local empowerment and decision/discussion support across scales; and (c) modeling greenhouse gases emission estimates coupled to land use change scenarios.

At INPE, she works at the recently created Earth System Science Center (CCST, Centro de Ciência do Sistema Terrestre) that focuses on the interface between global environmental changes, sustainability and national development issues. She has a BSc in Computer Science, obtained at UNICAMP (State University of Campinas, SP), and MSc and PhD degrees in Remote Sensing from INPE. Since obtaining her PhD in 2006, she has been working on the interface between Social Sciences, Modeling and Scenarios, and drawing together students from diverse backgrounds, both at INPE and at UFPA (Federal University of Pará), to create a team of interdisciplinary researchers who are able to understand and represent, through models and scenarios, the complexity of social interactions in the Amazonia.