Sense, Predict, Act

Cisco Systems, Inc

Cisco's innovation group has been involved from the very start of PSI. This commitment has been driven by the belief that the internet is reaching its next turning point, going beyond the search for "what can be (efficiently) automated" to finding the best way to manage the relationship between what can and cannot be efficiently automated – i.e. human judgments and interactions, especially across organizations and sectoral boundaries. The scale, diversity and location of the people, sensors, assets, machines, etc. that will drive this phase of development requires a new set of capabilities both in and on the network. From Cisco’s point of view PSI is a unique R&D program that will help shape the architectures, foundational technologies, tools and strategies that this next generation of the internet required to address the global issues of resource scarcity and climate change. This is the internet that requires highly distributed and collaborative geospatial, analytical, visual, and immersive decision support platforms that aggregate other subsystems using open standards i.e. a platform of platforms. This platform of platforms should not only integrate legacy environments, but also provision distributed services that are able to traverse firewalls, automate event management, tap into highly distributed unified computing and scientific modeling services and utilities, as well as handle the geospatially oriented networking demands of zettabytes of data. These requirements are only addressed in a limited way today, more often in proprietary approaches in specialized settings, behind firewalls, and in client/server silos that prevent holistic decision making. The key characteristic of the future of the internet though will not be technological. Rather, the future of the internet will be defined by the way it enables a loosely integrated and constantly changing fabric of communication, collaboration, tele-immersion, and data and analytic services to enhance the decision-making processes of the human network. For more information about Cisco, visit its web site