Sense, Predict, Act

INPE (Brazil)

Brazil's National Institute for Space Research’s Centre for Earth System Science (INPE-CCST) and the Planetary Skin Institute (PSI) signed a multi-year collaborative research and development agreement. This agreement focuses on using information technology and advanced networks to improve risk and resource management decision support. The agreement covers three phases: tropical forest ecosystem risk management approaches; early warning systems to reduce vulnerability to natural disasters, and regional earth systems models for the Southern hemisphere in a collaboration between the governments of Brazil, India and South Africa. The collaborative program ensures that both institutes provide resources and expertise to enable the work under a mutually approved research and development plan. The initial focus of the collaboration focused on supporting the management of tropical forest ecosystems, looking at three principal sub-issues: the risks of land use change, the associated potential loss of ecosystem services, and the management of the resulting risk exposure through information and decision support. For more information on CCST’s activities, visit its web site