Sense, Predict, Act

MINAM (Peru)

Global environmental problems, mainly climate change, loss of natural resources, forest decline and water crisis that threaten life on the planet, are at the center of international attention. The world has started to understand the true significance of caring for the environment, and Peru is no exception. Peru owns more than 66 million hectares of tropical forests, which constitute carbon sinks and facilitate the hydrological cycle, by generating humidity and rainfall in the Amazon basin. The basin houses a major part of the planet’s biodiversity and is the habitat of aboriginal people with millennia of knowledge of genetic resources and the uses of thousands of plants. The Peruvian Government has not only ratified international treaties and conventions on environmental matters, but also established the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) on May 14th, 2008, as the administrative authority for the national environmental sector. In 2010, MINAM and PSI signed an MoU on a collaborative R&D roadmap focused initially on co-developing a Peruvian Forest ALERTS capability to understand ongoing land change associated to Peru’s commitment to conservation of 54 million hectares of forests. For more information on MINAM's activities, visit its web site