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CAF (Latin America)

CAF is a development bank established in 1970 that currently consists of eighteen countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, as well as fourteen private banks from the Andean region. The organization promotes a model of sustainable development through credit operations, grants and technical support, and offers financial structuring to public and private sector projects in Latin America. Based in Caracas, Venezuela, CAF has offices in Buenos Aires, La Paz, Brasilia, Bogota, Quito, Madrid, Panama City, Lima and Montevideo. CAF promotes sustainable development and regional integration through efficient resource mobilization for the timely delivery of multiple, high added value financial services to public and private clients in Latin America. CAF is catalyzing, through a technical cooperation agreement, the R&D work program led by the Planetary Skin Institute in collaboration with the National Center for Natural Disasters Monitoring and Alerts - CEMADEN (Federal Government of Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) with the aim of bringing about a step change in Early Warning Systems (EWS) R&D capabilities available in Brazil and in further phases, across Latin America as a whole. For more information on CAF, visit its web site