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R&D Programs

Resource and Risk Management Focus Areas

We have a pipeline of R&D programs around the world at various stages of development. Each has the potential to significantly improve decision-making associated with risk and resource management to address the challenge of resource scarcity, the land-water-energy-food-climate nexus and addressing the increasing frequency and intensity of weather extremes.   PSI develops capabilities both vertically (i.e. resource- specific decision support capabilities and tools); and horizontally (i.e. sector-agnostic sensor integration, data and analytic exchanges, and collaboration and other platform technologies).   We, accordingly, work on two key integration problems – vertical integration across platform components; and horizontal integration across sectors and disciplines to address land-water-food-energy-climate nexus.

PSI R&D Programs

Land-water-food-energy-climate nexus

The Nexus R&D program aims to improve the understanding of the complex land-food-water-energy-climate nexus as well as the impact decisions made about one resource have on others towards supporting effective decision-making. Read more›


The Disasters R&D program in collaboration with Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and supported by a Technical Cooperation agreement with CAF aims to bring about a step change in Early Warning Systems capabilities available in Brazil and in future phases, across Latin America and potentially other parts of the developing world. Read more›


The Forests R&D program aims to support tropical forest ecosystems management by improving collection and analysis of data from space to ground sensors and participatory networks to monitor ecosystem services and evaluate natural and anthropogenic risks to forest carbon pools and biodiversity. Read more›


The Energy R&D program aims to help accelerate widespread adoption of sustainable energy. We do this by providing information that assists energy users, suppliers and policymakers choose sustainable strategies to yield the optimal economic return while minimizing energy risks, uncertainty and climate impact. Read more›


The Food R&D program is working towards supporting improvements in areas of food security, agricultural risk management, and agricultural productivity by piloting new uses for remote sensing, geospatial data mining, and participatory sensor networks, as well as augmenting existing decision support models. Read more›


The Water R&D program aims to support global to basin-scale water resource and risk management by improving collection and analysis of data products from space-based platforms, ground sensors and hydrologic models to evaluate natural and anthropogenic risks to water supply and its existing or planned infrastructure. Read more›

Decision Support Platform

PSI’s platform harnesses innovation and expertise from a global ecosystem of R&D partners across many sectors and disciplines. The system of systems platform provides an immersive decision support environment, integrated with a ‘digital nervous system’ to facilitate R&D for the monitoring and managing of risks and scarce resources. Read more›