Sense, Predict, Act

PSI Decision Support Platform

Core Principles

Collaboration - across borders, disciplines, sectors, machines, sensors, and people – is at the core of PSI and the platform. We aim to pioneer a digital nervous system with which to address our mission. In order to drive R&D collaboration and decision support across sectors and disciplines, PSI along with its partners has co-created the vision for establishing a pervasive digital nervous system. This brings together disparate sources of information and models along with space-to-mud human and machine sensor networks in immersive, web-based decision support environments. These immersive environments aim to boost historical understanding of the nexus, situational awareness, short term and longer term forecasting and what if scenario based modeling, more intuitive investigative analysis of information, and facilitate research across sectors. The platform aims to increase the fidelity and quality of decisions, along with increasing the breadth and depth of actionable knowledge for experts and decision-makers. The core principles underlying the approaches to engineering and execution, tools and platform focus on the way we as humans collaborate, think, and consume information aggregated across disparate silos and organizational boundaries. The decision support research and systems aspire to accelerate the community swarming of expert social networks to reach more discovery moments, expanding the potential of insights and leading to higher quality decisions.

Platform Overview

PSI is dedicated to open standards and open innovation approaches where appropriate and feasible to provide a platform as a service (PaaS) environment for advancing applied decision research and rapid prototyping.
The PSI platform has four core components that are utilized to execute the Technology R&D mission across programs and research themes.