Sense, Predict, Act

Water R&D Program

Integrated decision making is vital for ensuring water security

Water is a vital resource for human societies and natural ecosystems. The availability of clean water plays a critical role in agricultural, industrial, domestic, and energy production activities as well as ecosystem services. In addition, the water cycle is an important component of the Earth system which influences climate, ecological diversity and soil resources. Millions of people in arid and semiarid regions lack access to secure and sustainable sources of water clean water and are exposed to large variations in water availability that disrupt society. More extreme events under climate change are likely to expose regions to greater risks related to floods and droughts.
Example of an empty reservoir in a dryland region with high climate variability.
Over the past century, there have been significant alterations to water availability due to the impacts of land cover change, changes in climate variability, and infrastructure projects that divert or consume water. In arid and semiarid regions, failures in water infrastructure are possible, with detrimental effects on multiple sectors that depend on the water services provided. Such water risks under uncertain future climate need to be accounted for in decision-making at local to global scales.

PSI Research Themes

Water R&D core research themes
PSI is integrating several critical research themes in the area of water resources to improve sensing, management and decision-making activities.